Self-sealing Pouches (Paper/Film)

Self-sealing Pouches (Paper/Film)

Sold By : Al Saif Sons Medical Company
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(Heat sealable, see-through pouches with self-adhesive strip)

Specifications and features are as the same as sterilization rolls (paper/film).
Additional features:
Assured sterility: packed items must be sterilized by 3 sterilization parameters: time, temperature and sterilant contact, followed by ISO standards and CDC infection control guidelines.

Internal indicators: Steam & E.O. Gas sterilization. During proper process, Blue dot indicator turns Greenish black in Steam and Red dot indicator turns Yellow in E.O. Gas sterilization to fulfill inside the pouch with sterilant contact to nsure effective sterilization.
Protection seals at the Chevron area are to prevent packed item’s breaching sealing lines.
Available in both thumb-notch & tack seals.
Standards: EN 868, ISO 11607 & 11140.